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Sanctuary cities. Caravans. Children without adults. Asylum seekers. DACA “dreamers.” Travel bans. Voter fraud. Escalating drugs, crime and murder.

No single issue is dividing America, including Christians, more than immigration. How tragic, and how unnecessary when a biblical understanding of a wise welcome could heal both the Church and nation.

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“If you want to know what the Bible says about immigration, look no further. We needed a deeper explanation of what it means to follow Jesus in this area, and I am so grateful we finally have it. Please share it as you are able.”

~ Eric Metaxas, bestselling author of Bonhoeffer, and, If You Can Keep It


The Bible

It’s always good when people consider the moral implications of public policy, but seizing on one or two out-of-context verses in the Bible does not make for the kind of comprehensive moral case you would expect of those urging comprehensive immigration reform.

The Policy

The U.S. immigration system is complicated and can be difficult to understand. The American Immigration Council’s website provides you key information about our system, providing a basis for more complicated matters and disproving commonly circulated myths.

The Statistics




Doing Good to the Stranger and the Citizen: Evangelicals Discuss Immigration Reform

Immigration and the Christian: The Balance of the Welcome and the Wall


The Heritage Foundation - Issues

The United States was established on principles that support the welcoming of new residents to our shores to learn and embrace American civic culture and political institutions through the processes of immigration and naturalization. Over the past several decades, however, immigration policy has become skewed, falsely presented as an uncompromising decision between unfettered immigration and none at all.





  • A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.
    ~ President Ronald Reagan

  • ``Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.``
    ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

  • Unless the Stream of their Importation could be turned... they will soon so outnumber us, that all the advantages we have, will not in my Opinion be able to preserve our Language, and even our Government will become precarious.
    ~ Benjamin Franklin

  • The making of an American begins at the point where he himself rejects all other ties, any other history, and himself adopts the vesture of his adopted land.

    ~ James Baldwin