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June 18, 2014


Speaker Boehner and other Esteemed Members of the United States Congress ~


Warm summer greetings.  EBI, an ad hoc group of several thousand evangelicals, thanks you for refraining from legislation that would open U.S. jobs to millions more foreign workers before prioritizing jobs and social services for the 18 million Americans who want a full-time job but cannot find one.  This wisdom represents approximately 80% of evangelicals surveyed by Pulse Opinion (via Rasmussen) in 2013, who do not desire an influx of foreign labor in America.  In 2014, 78% of evangelicals felt the biblical admonition to “love the stranger” means “to treat the stranger humanely while applying the law.” Only 11% felt that “love the stranger” means to extend citizenship to those here unlawfully.


God loves us all, and America should remain a land of opportunity. Yet, accelerated immigration in the context of a growing welfare state, such as ours, is unsustainable, unjust to citizens and unbiblical.  It does not yield hospitality but hostility. What would help is a firm border, tens of millions of jobs, justice for citizens who’ve paid into social safety nets, the deportation of gangs and criminals, and the safe return home of children and others in this current Progressive open border import of people.


In Scripture we do not see blanket amnesty but mature discernment, wise welcome and the teaching of Godly cultural stewardship. We find there the principles of human creativity and productivity that yield wealth to sustain care for vulnerable citizens, and to some well-meaning guests. At times in Scripture, we also find the building of walls (Ezra and Nehemiah) that protect from harm and strengthen a nation’s indigenous culture for flourishing.


We respectfully disagree with the Evangelical Immigration Table on some of these matters. We believe many EIT friends mean well, and we are inviting them to dialogue on the whole counsel of Scripture — both of justice to citizens and kindness to guests.  As always, our questions are: What is the nature of love?  What is the whole counsel of Scripture? We also ask, who is funding the EIT, and why?  Sadly, far-Left ThinkProgress, admits to “using an evangelical ‘grasstops’ strategy” to pass amnesty.  And the EIT has admitted that its parent 501 is the National Immigration Forum (NIF). Upon review of an NIF IRS 990, the largest NIF donor is atheist and globalist George Soros, followed by other Progressive foundations. We regret the EIT’s involvement in a Progressive political strategy that diminishes the Church, the sanctity of life, the poor over time, and the nation at large.


We are for wise immigration. In fact, we ask that you prioritize those lawfully applying for U.S. citizenship. They, as well as tax-paying citizens, are often paying the consequences of open borders and lawlessness that confuse our policies and hurt countless people.


Thank you for protecting the U.S. Constitution and thus our citizens who are struggling to find work, healthcare and hope. We pray for you as you help steward America’s good future.

Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (.com)

Signatories of EBI original Letter to Congress include: Rev. Martin Gutierez; Eric Metaxas, author Bonhoeffer; Amazing Grace; Kelly Kullberg, Sandy Rios, American Family Radio; Carol Swain, Prof. of Law, Vanderbilt University; Mark Tooley, President, Institute on Religion and Democracy; Todd Wagner, Sr Pastor, Watermark, Dallas, Texas;

Don Wildmon, American Family Association.

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