Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (EBI) is an ad hoc movement of those seeking the whole counsel of Scripture about immigration, citizenship and how we’re to honor, steward and shape our culture.  The Bible, from which America’s founders so often drew wisdom and inspiration for culture-shaping, teaches us that our citizenship is first in the Kingdom of God, no matter where we find ourselves on this curious blue planet. Scripture also teaches us that the Lord placed us in families and nations to steward the good (our cultural mandate). We are to make distinctions between the foreigner (the zar, or nekhar or goyim in Hebrew) who does not come according to the host nation’s faith, values and laws, and the ‘resident alien’ or ‘sojourner’ (the ger in Hebrew) who is something like a convert and does come and live according to the nation’s essential faith, values and laws.

While we do not prescribe Israel’s theocratic policy for American policy, we can glean wisdom from biblical and American first principles. While pro-amnesty evangelicals are selectively quoting Scripture, EBI looks at the whole of Scripture. And nowhere in Scripture do we find “blanket” or “comprehensive” immigration, asylum and amnesty. Rather, we are taught to make wise distinctions about citizenship, and to assimilate the sojourner who comes as blessing to advance the story of God’s law and love in and for a nation. Israel was to be kind to the “stranger in your midst” even if that kindness does not always translate into full citizenship.  Israel was uniquely kind to sojourners and resident aliens. Scripture teaches us when and why to build walls (eg. Ezra and Nehemiah), and when and why to welcome (eg. Rahab and Ruth). We think of Ruth from Moab, the poor and young widow of a Hebrew man, who loved God and the Jewish people. She was invited into Jewish culture as blessing to embrace and advance the faith, values and beauty of the Kingdom.  We think also of Nehemiah’s calling to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem both against destructive forces and for the cultivation and renewal of the good, true and beautiful in jeopardy within that culture.  Whether cultivating a garden, a family, or a nation, we seek wise principles for personal and cultural well-being.

EBI does not exist as a 501 or other organized entity. Our location is only here, on the web. We are simply an ad hoc forum, both Americans and friends applying to become American citizens, with concerns about America’s sustainability as a nation, national security, debt and vulnerable citizens. We welcome the well-meaning foreigner with kindness.  We seek the whole counsel of Scripture. Let’s be kind and careful as we discern from the Lord and engage in principled conversation.



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