EBI LETTER TO CONGRESS – October 1, 2015

The Congress of the United States of America
Washington D.C.

Honored Members of Congress ~

Rather than taking on the unwise economic and cultural costs of mass refugee resettlement, we urge you to help refugees stay closer to home. A generous nation like Norway has found that it can help twenty-six (26) refugees relocate in Jordan for cost of resettling one (1) refugee in Norway. We ask you to deal with the root problem – stop Islamic ideology from uprooting and destroying more lives. Do not bring more Islamic ideology to America. To help refugees stay closer to home, we suggest collaboration with Christian agencies including Open Doors and Samaritan’s Purse who give practical aid to many thousands of people whom God dearly loves.

The vast majority of Americans are concerned with debt, crime and harmful ideology coming through open borders. They are overwhelmed by the rapid disintegration of American culture. Stanford sociologist Thomas Sowell calls it “the unwise welcome of incompatible values.” Europe is learning this the hard way. St. Cloud, Minnesota, is learning this the hard way. Detroit, Michigan, is learning this the hard way. How is poor discernment loving? It is not.

While some “evangelicals” are being useful to Islamic and liberal interests, The Bible does not teach open and undiscerning welcome, but only wise welcome. We are to embrace the lawful and well-meaning foreigner, who, like a convert, comes as blessing (e.g. book of Ruth). Elsewhere we find the building of walls to protect from harmful foreigners (e.g. Nehemiah). The breaking down of borders and culture is not a commandment in Scripture, it is a curse.

You should know that the Islamic doctrine of “Hijrah,” (pron: Hish-ra), commands Muslims to migrate to spread Islam and, now under jihad, Sharia. We have 1,400 years of history from which to learn that this is bad news for human dignity and freedom.

In Scripture (e.g. Galatians 5), we are not called to niceness but to kindness. That involves wisdom, truth and justice for the people you are elected to represent. Kindness stewards the garden of culture (Genesis 1-3). Kindness considers the interests of America and the world. Kindness solves the root problem — in this case Islamic ideology. It does not root the problem in hundreds of new communities at the expense of citizens and its nation’s future.

For background on the shocking impact of refugee resettlement, please watch this four (4) minute video by the Yale scholar, Ann Corcoran. Her book is a short primer on Refugee Resettlement and the Hijrah.

Thank you for your wise leadership,

Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration
(an ad hoc group of 2,000+ concerned Christians including Kelly Kullberg, Eric Metaxas, Carol Swain, Sandy Rios, Kris Kobach, Mark Tooley and more)

Web: https://evangelicalsforbiblicalimmigration.com
Contact: Jason Fleagle, info@evangelicalsforbiblicalimmigration.com


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