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  • Kelly Monroe Kullberg (EBI Letter to Congress written as a private American citizen: link to EBI President, Christians for a Sustainable Economy ( Senior Fellow, The Acton Institute Founder, The Veritas Forum Editor, co-author, Finding God at Harvard  (please link to this book on Amazon)
  • Timothy Adams CREED
  • Gordon Calmeyer The Gathering
  • J. E. Dyer, CDR, USN (Ret.)
  • Milton Gutierrez, Pastor
  • Donna Hearne Talk show host, St. Louis; Constitution educator.
  • Fr. Johannes Jacobse American Orthodox Institute
  • John Killian President, Alabama State Convention (So. Baptist)
  • Pastor, Maytown Baptist Church
  • Faith McDonnel Dir. of Religious ...
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June 2013 – Original Open Letter to the Congress of the United States of America

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June, 2013 (Full Version)

An Open Letter to the Congress of the United States of America ~

Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration — But Not for the Gang of 8 Bill 

Esteemed Members of the United States Senate and House ~

Perhaps we should take notice when anti-Christian billionaire and globalist, George Soros, is the quiet funder of an “Evangelical” campaign to promote a massive and confusing piece of legislation in our U.S. Congress. This time it is the “Gang of 8” Schumer-Rubio immigration bill (S. 744). ...

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